Who We Are


Who We Are

We value the worship of God. Our worship service reflects God's majesty, recognizes our sin, and proclaims the gospel of grace as the answer to our need of redemption, wisdom, and hope.

We really want people to know God. Whether we teach God’s Word to little children or reach into our community with mercy, we hope that God will reveal Himself and that people will know Him to be great and all-sufficient.

We believe the gospel is best understood and lived out in community. We experience God’s grace and truth as we build relationships and share life together, from joy to sorrow and from cradle to grave.

There is freedom to live your life under God. Our denominational motto puts it like this: In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity. Our aim is not legalism, but instead, a diverse community of people who love God from the heart and seek to live in and upon His grace.

Thoughts on Grace  from senior pastor Bill Vogler      

Simply put, our deepest desire is to be a community of people which worships God with all of our thoughts, our words and our deeds. This worship is corporately expressed as we gather each Sunday to encounter the holiness of God, see our sin and weak- nesses, acknowledge our need of the gospel and to receive God’s grace through our Lord Jesus Christ as we praise God for who He is, give Him thanks for what He has done for us, pray, reflect upon His word in the Scripture, and receive the sacraments.

This worship extends to all of life as we daily seek to humbly submit to God in joyful obedience.

We are glad that you are interested in Grace and we welcome all who desire to learn of God, to receive from Him all that is offered in the gospel. This includes those who are beginning to explore the question of the existence of God; who He is and what He is like. Also, those who are seeking to grow in their knowledge and trust of Him. And our hope is that as we share life together, as we live in the worship of God, that He will teach us, guide us, help us, strengthen us, save us. 

Our History

Grace EPC began as a Mission Congregation of the the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in the summer of 1988, with the first service in June of that year. Bill Vogler was called in September of 1989 as Grace's first pastor. In April of 1990, Grace was constituted as a particular Church and elected its first elders.

The church began with approximately 50 worshipers and today we are a worshiping community of approximately 1100 (including children and university students).

We currently have 11 full and part-time ministry staff who oversee ministries to all ages and stages in life, and 4 full time support staff.