Adult Education


Adult Education

Christian Growth and Education 

Seeking to establish and equip men and women in the gospel of Christ

"Let the word of God dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom." Colossians 3:16

Adult Education Classes 

Sundays from 9:45-10:30 am

Please note: there is no Sunday School on Sunday, April 21.


Full-term Classes:
February 3 - May 5

Receiving Creaturely Rest

Ryan Mayo and Kevin Lee I Room 17

After God made man, His benediction over them was the pronouncement, “very good.” This label applies to all of man’s attributes, not just his active abilities to work, worship or relate. This class will examine how the pronouncement “very good” can apply even to man’s “creaturely” limits. Through careful discussions of human traits like vulnerability, mortality, natality and embodiment, we hope to explore together why we don’t need to rest from our “creatureliness” because we can rest in it.

First half-term Class:
February 3 - Mar 17

History of Church Architecture

Clay Phillips I Room 16

“And let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell in their midst.” Exodus 25:8. From this command, the people of God have built spaces for God to dwell and to communicate the word, but what do these spaces mean and why do they look the way they do? This class will focus on the art and science of the places of worship throughout history. Starting with the tabernacle and walking through the temple, the basilica, the cathedral and the church-house, we will evaluate the spaces of worship, understand the technology that made them possible and discuss how these spaces have influenced the broader culture and the church.

The Book of Esther: The Invisible Hand of God Revealed

Mark Jarboe I Room 3C

The book of Esther is one of two books in the Bible where God is not overtly mentioned. Martin Luther did not believe Esther should be in the canon of Holy Scripture, but Esther speaks volumes today to Christians living in a secular society“ The great paradox of Esther is that God is omnipotently present even where God is most conspicuously absent” (Karen Jobes). In our study of the book Esther, we will see the hand of God in redemptive history and gain insights into how to live in “a manner worthy of our calling” in our secular society.

Second half-term Class:
March 24 - May 5

Luke 7 & 8

Denny Chadwick I Room 3C

We will read two chapters in Luke carefully and comparatively, tracing Luke’s use here of a concentric form to compile part of Jesus’ biography. The story we read presses us to care deeply about what we do with the gift of Jesus’ word.

Finding Your Way Around the Bible

Dave Upchurch I Room 16

Have you ever felt lost and confused in the midst of reading Ezekiel, Leviticus or even 2 Peter? This class has the goal of giving you tools to improve your understanding and application of Biblical truth. For example, what in the world do those translator’s footnotes mean? How can they help our understanding of God’s word? Or, what kind of literature is a “gospel” or a “pastoral epistle” or a “minor prophet?” How can that knowledge help us understand and apply what they teach? These and other tools will help you as you seek to “find your way around” the Bible.

Year Long:

F.Y.I. (For Your Information)

F.Y.I is a short introduction to Grace that is offered in between services every week. People interested should meet at the Welcome & Information Desk at 10:00 am.