Sunday School - Fall Semester 2017

Every Sunday, from 09/10/2017 to 12/03/2017, 9:45 AM - 10:30 AM

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Full Term & Half Term Classes:
Sept. 10 - Dec. 3  I   9:45 AM


Bill Vogler, Rick Pratte, Ryan Randolph I Full Term I Room 5

Whether you are new to Grace or have been at Grace for a while and have not been able to attend Grace 101, please consider joining us for this full term class with an emphasis on learning about Grace EPC, what we believe and how this shapes our ministries. Grace 101 is valuable as it provides a window into the heart of our ministry, as well as a foundation for membership. It is also a great time to ask any questions that you might have wanted to ask, but haven't had the opportunity.


Larry & Dea Burmingham I Full Term I Room 3c

Money has always been a challenge to manage for God’s people. The Bible speaks to us in many different contexts about how we should view and understand money. This class will walk through how to honor God with your money through the Biblical principles from Scripture and some practical, proven applications from well-known personal finance speaker, Dave Ramsey. This class will have something for everyone. Whether you have been doing well financially, or have been struggling with money, you will gain new insights and resources to help you succeed with money in a way that honors God and blesses your loved ones.  


Al Negen I First Half Term I Room 17

Regardless of where we came from, “God has a wonderful plan for your life”. The days of the judges were difficult days – one disobedient judge after another, and all with the same results. Sound like today’s newspaper headlines right here in River City? As we study the book of Ruth, we’ll see pain, grief, seeming hopelessness, much as we sometimes see in our own lives and communities.  


Dan Rudman I First Half Term I Room 16

One of the central themes threaded through the story of scripture is God's plan for the nations to hear and see of his greatness. The gracious mandate, given by Jesus prior to his ascension, "Go and make disciples of all nations" reveals and propels God's desire that all nations would hear the gospel. Yet, we so easily forget this amazing truth and our lives become smaller as we do. This class is a 6-week survey looking at the Biblical mandate and consideration of mission and its impact on our lives as the people of God.  


Ryan Mayo & Kevin Lee I Second Half Term I Room 17

The Exodus event immediately established itself as a model for the way God redeems His people. The Israelites viewed it not only as a story of national identity but also as reassurance that they were God’s possession, protected from all cosmic rivals. This paradigm is often repeated in Scripture, but it is clearest in the death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ. We hope to carefully observe the Exodus event and use it to anticipate both Christ and the final exodus out of the world and into the New Jerusalem. 


Scott Rask I Second Half Term I Room 3C

According to Jerry Bridges, "the Holy Spirit’s work in transforming us more and more into the likeness of Christ is called sanctification. Our involvement and cooperation with Him in His work is what I call the pursuit of holiness." Not easy or simple for us this side of glory, as the "pursuit requires sustained, vigorous effort," or perseverance. Yet, we are striving to glorify God in all we do, say, and think. Let's take a few weeks to explore the work of God in our lives and how this pursuit unfolds, yet molds us.