J-Term Sunday School

Every Sunday, from 01/07/2018 to 01/28/2018, 9:45 AM - 10:30 AM

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J-Term Classes  I   January 7-28

Basics of the Christian Life
Ed White / Room 3C
Walking with God involves consistent time cultivating our relationship with Him through Scripture and prayer. Yet at times we all feel powerless to actually make this a part of our days. This class is designed to assist followers of Christ to develop consistency in their time with God and to build basic skills which will help them get more out of the Bible. This is a class for those wanting practical help developing a daily relationship with God.

The Book of Jonah: Reluctant prophet, Relentless God
Rick Pratte and Mark Jarboe / Room 17
The book of Jonah concerns one of the "minor prophets" of the Bible. But the message about our God from this short book of the Bible, only 48 verses, is not minor. The book of Jonah is full of surprises and challenges for the body of Christ today. Join us on this 4-week journey which will enable us see a God who loves men and women and who pursues them relentlessly to bring them through faith and repentance to himself, often in spite of us!

Making the Hard Decisions: Medical Technology, End of Life, and the Bible
Dave Upchurch and Jake Evans / Room 5
We know the Bible is true, but how do we apply God’s word to situations where medical technology forces us to make hard choices for ourselves and our family members? We will explore not only how to apply the scripture, but also discuss specific situations where we need God’s wisdom.