Sunday School - Winter/Spring Semester 2018

Every Sunday, from 02/04/2018 to 05/06/2018, 9:45 AM - 10:30 AM

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Please note: there is no Sunday School on Easter Sunday, April 1.

Full-term Classes:
Feb. 4 - May 6


Caleb Stegall I Gymnasium 

Have you heard the joke about the schoolboy who cheated on his metaphysics exam? He peeked into the soul of the boy next to him. We chuckle because we all intuitively recognize in the joke the universal human experience that in the key moments of life when we finally come face to face with the deepest questions about existence, we are alone. This class is an extended meditation on this existential condition--what we call loneliness. We will ask what loneliness teaches us about ourselves as human beings, what it tells us about the world, and what it reveals about God. In the process, we will attempt to better understand both the unique temptations associated with loneliness and the surprising gifts that it bears.


Rick & Kelli Pratte, Steve & Grace Greene, Jeff & Rebecca Burgess I Room 17

The question can be frightening to some, confusing to others and for certain seasons in marriage, the question might even be welcomed. Regardless of our response, it is a very important question to ask and keep asking. While the Bible gives no simple formulas to resolve the challenges of marriage, it does give us good news that there is hope in the gospel and its power to change us from inside out. The foundation of this class will be this unchangeable truth, that our hope is in God’s power to transform us and thus transform our marriages. But these changes won’t happen without our diligence, effort, and involvement. So this class will invite all to participate in the process. Participants will be asked to do something with what they hear. The response might be to God, to our spouse or to our self. Join us, as together we ask the question and by God’s grace, move toward Him, our spouse and a richer taste of marriage as God designed it.

First half-term Class:
Feb 11 - Mar 11


Denny Chadwick & Wanda Haney I Room 5

From Christmas carols to Easter hymns to Pentecost hymns, we will sing the gospel story to one another and to our Lord. String players (cello, etc.) and flutists, come add your instrumental voices to the piano accompaniment.

Second half-term Class:
March 18 - May 6


Mark Brown & Jake Evans I Room 5

Did you know that Great Commission is in each of the Gospels and each makes a unique contribution to the call to go into all the world? Do you need a fresh vision for living life missionally? In this short class, we will take a look at the great commission in each of the gospels as well as examine some of the best thoughts on mission from J.I. Packer and John Piper. Lastly, we will take a look at the stories and attitudes of key missionaries in history. The purpose of the class is to see and feel the purposeful call of missions for every believer.