J-Term Sunday School

Every Sunday, from 01/06/2019 to 01/27/2019, 9:45 AM - 10:30 AM

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J-Term Classes  I   January 6-27

How to Teach Well
Chris & Cris Bryan, Jason & Jenny Lichte / Room 3
Great teaching is more than imparting information. It engages the imagination of learners and their desire to respond in the way they live. Nowhere is this more important than in teaching the truths of God’s Word. Join well-seasoned teachers, Jason & Jenny Lichte, and Chris & Cris Bryan, in an active workshop practicing techniques you can actually use. Whether your teaching context is a small group, Bible study, Sunday School class or something more formal, this course is for anyone who would like to grow as a teacher and a learner.

Sojourners and Exiles
Mike & Aimee Wuthrich / Room 17
In 1 Peter, Scripture connects our identity in Christ with the notion that we are “sojourners and exiles” as it relates to our identities on earth. In this class, we will explore and discuss the dynamic tension between our heavenly citizenship and the national and political identities surrounding us in our everyday contexts. Through various Scripture passages and short readings, we will consider the implications of our ultimate identity in Christ. How should we understand our own identity? How should we understand the identities of others? How should this translate into our everyday thoughts and actions?

Parenting During the Teenage Years
Tyler Clements / Room 5
Did you ever wonder how your sweet little superman-cape-wearing, sippy-cup-drinking, question-asking child morphed into a bottomless pit of food consumption with roller coaster emotions and a penchant for sarcasm? Parents can often feel confused, frustrated and fearful during this time, but it doesn’t have to be this way. In this class, we will use Walt Mueller’s book The Space Between as a guide to discuss how to better understand the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual changes your child goes through during the teen years. Our goal is to learn how we can see these years of growth as opportunities for pointing our kids to the Gospel. Whether your kids have yet to reach the teenage years, or you are neck-deep in it now, you are invited to attend this class.