J-Term Sunday School

Every Sunday, from 01/05/2020 to 01/26/2020, 9:45 AM - 10:30 AM

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J-Term Classes  I   January 5-26

The Westminster Confession of Faith for Teachers
Chris Bryan / Room 17
What is the Reformed faith and how should we teach it? The Westminster Confession of Faith was not written just for ministers, but for all Christians to better understand what they believe, and it is especially useful for those who teach. Whether you work with children, youth, or adults, teach Sunday School, or lead a Bible study, this course will help you become more familiar with the Westminster Confession of Faith and learn to apply it in your teaching.

Finding Your Way Around the Prophets
Dave Upchurch / Room 3c
We will explore the teachings of the Old Testament prophets to understand and apply their words to us today. Join us as we discuss the geographic and historical context, how these books are organized, and how an understanding of Hebrew poetry helps when reading these often-difficult parts of the Bible.

Honest Evangelism
Mark & Brenda Brown / Room 16
Do you find evangelism hard? Even nerve-wracking? Something that is so meaningful and such a privilege can also be intimidating. Come join us for 4 weeks as we discover the joy in introducing our Shepherd who seeks and finds His lost sheep. We will focus on how to talk to people about Jesus because we want to, long to and are excited to - even though it can be tough!