Sunday School - Winter/Spring Semester 2020

Every Sunday, from 02/09/2020 to 05/03/2020, 9:45 AM - 10:30 AM

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Please note: there is no Sunday School on Easter Sunday, April 12.

Full-term Classes:
February 9 - May 3

Pilgrim Theology : An Overview of Core Doctrines for Christian Disciples

Jake Evans I Room 17

It is often thought that doctrine is dull and boring, having no practical relevance for the everyday realities of Christian disciples. Nothing could be farther from the truth! This 12-week class is an overview of the core doctrines of the Christian faith, with special emphasis on their practical implications. We’ll explore such topics as the knowability of God, the inspiration and authority of the Bible, the Trinity, the person and work of Christ, the person and work of the Holy Spirit, what it means to be saved, and other core doctrines for Christian disciples. No previous knowledge of theology required. 

Praying with Paul

Mark Jarboe I Room 16

What is the greatest need of the church in the Western world? Of all the problems we face, the one thing we most urgently need is a deeper knowledge of God; to know God better. “One of the foundational steps in knowing God, and one of the basic demonstrations that we do know God, is prayer – spiritual, persistent, biblically minded prayer,” D. A. Carson. Join with us as we study the prayers of Paul and apply the theology of Paul and his desire for the Holy Spirit to work within us, transforming our prayers. Many class sessions will start with a video segment from D. A. Carson followed by discussion of specific prayers from the Apostle Paul.

First half-term Class:
February 9 - Mar 15

Lessons from the Psalms for Today

Kim Grubbs I Room 3C

The Psalmist speaks openly and honestly about pain, anxiety, doubt, and fear – the realm of feelings with which we struggle daily. Thankfully, in the Psalms, our Heavenly Father’s character; love, faithfulness, and affirmation of HIS good plans for our lives is also revealed! We’ll be looking deeply into two Psalms as we seek the very practical application of God’s loving kindness in the context of our daily struggles. 

Second half-term Class:
March 22 - May 3

The Power of Jesus: A Deeper Look into VBS

Jason and Jenny Lichte I Room 3C

In this class, we'll follow the track laid out for Vacation Bible School lessons to train our hearts to recognize Jesus' power as seen in the book of Acts. Join us as we roll along through a VBS Bible Study for adults. We'll study four places in Acts where we see God's power at work among and for His people, and we'll take a fresh look at His power at work for us in His death and resurrection. This will be especially helpful if you'll be teaching in VBS, but is not a teacher training, and is open to all who want to do a short study of Acts with us.