The Mission Team

The Mission Team has the privilege of educating the congregation concerning Jesus' commission to make disciples throughout the whole world, evaluating mission opportunities, distributing funds and caring for those we support.

We continue to add Team members who are as excited as we are to take the message of the Gospel of Christ to all the world.

Concerning missions, 10% of our overall giving goes to missions, which includes four areas of ministry focus:

Campus: Supporting those who minister on the campus of the University of Kansas through Cru, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, and the Navigators. We are blessed to have many campus ministers as members of our church, thus we are able, through our support of them, to have a part in ministering on campus.

International Students: Supporting the ministry of Len Andyshak, an elder at Grace and a minister in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, as he works through Intervarsity Christian Fellowship to share Christ with and disciple international students at KU.

Foreign Missions: We have the unique opportunity of supporting a number of Grace EPC members who are doing ministry around the world. Thus, all of the foreign missionaries that we support are well know to our congregation.

Local Missions: Many Grace EPC members are involved in various ministry opportunities in our own community. We have also been fortunate to have many career missionaries through our church because of being part of the university community.

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Short and Long-Term Applications

We have provided links below to download PDF forms for Short or Long Term applications for support. Please follow the numbered instructions provided for submitting applications.

1. Download the form
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3. Email the filled out form to the Mission Team ( )

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