Youth of Grace Photo Sets

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    High School retreat - Nov 8-10, 2013 57 Photos 0 Comments

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    Pictures from the middle school spring retreat at Youthfront West on March 9-11, 2012 110 Photos 7 Comments

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    "YoG Spell" was our show this year as we hosted our annual dinner theater fundraiser for summer mission trips. 64 Photos 0 Comments

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    Pictures from the YoG retreat 2011. The theme was "Kingdom" as we talked about passages in Mark chapters 4 & 5 about the power of the Gospel and being challenged to 'sow the Word' into others lives. Our speaker Kevin Lee brought the truth, we served our community on Saturday, and enjoyed an evening at the Henry's barn for some chill time. 79 Photos 0 Comments

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    Summer kick off event for the Youth of Grace. 22 Photos 0 Comments

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    LXVI - Read Through the Bible end of the year party on May 1st. Liz hosted a competitive game of Bible trivia with snacks for everyone! 11 Photos 2 Comments

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    April 17th we had Bob Lenz come in to talk to the youth group before he spoke at the Newsboys concert in Topeka that night. He is awesome. 19 Photos 0 Comments

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    April 15-16th YoG girls event held at the church house. 139 Photos 0 Comments

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    Here are the pictures from our annual Christmas party we had Dec 10th. We raise money, shop for presents, wrap em, then give them to kids in the foster care system who wouldn't otherwise get gifts on Christmas day. 59 Photos 0 Comments

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    The Youth of Grace fall retreat Nov 5-7th. We stayed at host homes, did our sessions at church, and spend Saturday afternoon doing service projects. Lots of fun. We learned what it means to be "in the world" yet not "of" it. 94 Photos 0 Comments

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    Our annual back to school event with inflatable games, pizza, and crazy fun giveaways. 36 Photos 1 Comment

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    7.25.10 33 Photos 5 Comments

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    15 Photos 3 Comments

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    Here it is - photos from our beloved Dinner Theatre. More to come(?) 31 Photos 4 Comments

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    Fall Retreat - Nov 6-8th 55 Photos 1 Comment

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    Our annual Christmas party/service project where we raise money and shop for Christmas gifts for kids in the Lawrence area in foster care. 35 Photos 1 Comment

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