2 Timothy 2:14-26 (part 3)

November 6th, 2011

Bill Vogler

Part of the 2 Timothy series.


David Bower | 11.15.2011

I have been listening to your sermons for a couple of months now, and I get a lot out of them. I have only attended your church once, (since it’s quite a commute from Hillsboro TX) while we were visiting my college friends Dr. Bob/Katherine Dinsdale. Your 2nd Timothy series has been very enlightening.

My brother-in-law Mark Thall is a minister in the American Baptist Church in the tiny town of Brookfield NY, and we listen to his sermons, also. Your sermon (part 3) reminded me of a sermon of his, where he told his congregation not to look upon themselves as any better than others, not to look down their noses at non-Christians, just as you did here when you said that if the unsaved are wallowing in their sins, then so were we. Mark said that we, of all people, ought to be humble, indeed to hang our heads in deep shame, because WE KNOW what Jesus had to do to save us. WE KNOW that our sins were so great that only the blood of the Lamb could cover them.

Thanks for all of the thought-provoking messages.

David Bower

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