Women's Ministries


Women's Ministries

The Spread of the Gospel Study Materials - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

The Spread of the Gospel 

An overview study of how the gospel spread in the book of Acts.

Each week* we will offer Zoom calls on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  These calls will be announced through the WoG Email Updates that go out on Mondays**.  We will also provide audio teaching for each lesson, available on our website by noon each Thursday.   


Week 1 – Week of March 30th - download and print the study and read the book of Acts

Week 2 -  Week of April 6th – Holy Week, no Zoom calls, complete 

Week 3 – Week of April 13th - Lesson 1 discussions on Zoom calls

Week 4 – Week of April 20th – Lesson 2 discussions on Zoom calls

Week 5 – Week of April 27th – Lesson 3 discussions on Zoom calls

Week 6 – Week of May 4th – Wrap up discussions on Zoom calls

* No Zoom calls during Holy Week

** If you do not receive the WoG Email Updates let Lindsay know at

“What a time to be alive!” As we sit, isolated, in our homes wondering how to be helpful, watching the nations suffer, and trying to protect ourselves and our family, we are confused by all that is happening. God says to us and said to those before us, “Do not be afraid!”. 

The Apostles lived in a time that truly was “a time to be alive.” The Romans ruled, the Greeks worshiped their gods, and the people believed in just about everything.  But God…… was at work! Peter’s life was spared, and his confession of Christ became the rock upon which Jesus would build the church. Paul was converted and told to not be afraid as he faced persecution. God had orchestrated all of history for this moment in time….for His gospel to be shared with all the nations.

Try to imagine yourself living in that time. God was working, using His Apostles and new believers to share the hope, love, and peace of an upside down kingdom. A kingdom not ruled by power, wealth, or heritage, but ruled by love and service. He took sinners just like us, and equipped them to do this…. with a promise from Acts 1:8:

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

Guess what? This command and this promise are also for us.  “What a time to be alive!”

About our Women's Ministries

Know God... Get Connected... Be Equipped

Our ministries are designed to help women know God.  As such, Bible studies form the cornerstone of our ministry.  Women teach women to handle God's word accurately and engage in personal study --- with the goal of knowing God more deeply.

Small groups and roundtable discussions allow women to build small communities in a growing church.  When you cannot attend in person, stay connected to news and prayer requests through our weekly e-newsletter.

Along the way, special events bring us together.  The Christmas Tea and Women's Conference are spiritually refreshing and a lot of FUN, too!

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