The Grace EPC church house is open throughout the week and for Sunday worship services.

The CDC issued new guidelines which no longer recommend masking or social distancing for vaccinated persons in most circumstances. In response, the Douglas County Health Department recommended that the Douglas County health order mandating masking and social distancing and limiting certain mass gatherings be allowed to expire. On Wednesday, May 26, the Douglas County Commission agreed with that recommendation and allowed the health order to expire.

Taking this into careful account, and considering that we have closely adhered to the standards announced by Douglas County health officials throughout this pandemic, the Session has lifted all COVID restrictions from church activities and church facility use.
It is important to note, however, that the Douglas County Health Department and the CDC continue to recommend masking and social distancing for unvaccinated persons. Thus, we encourage all individuals and their families to weigh this counsel from the health authorities carefully as they exercise their own consciences and prudence in making responsible decisions about themselves and their families.
We will support any decision individuals or families make in this regard.
Finally, because the plans and protocols for our VBS program have been in place for a while and have been carefully communicated to all, Session determined to make an exception to our decision to end COVID restrictions at Grace and to permit the COVID protocols put in place by the Children's Ministry team to remain in place.
As the Session, we will continue to monitor and prayerfully respond to any updated guidance from county officials.




Worship will be livestreamed from the 8:30am service. The order of worship can be found on our website.  The videos will continue to be available through YouTube, and audio from the sermon will be available on our podcast Monday afternoon.