Every year, no matter the scale, we all experience sorrow - individually and communally. Every year holds its share of loneliness, hurt, and brokenness. This year and every year, we cry out with some of the last words of the Bible, "Come, Lord Jesus!"

Advent is the season set aside to reflect on the fact that Jesus came, and to remind ourselves that He is coming again. It is a season to rejoice!  So let us rejoice together. 

Our annual Advent Tea will look different this year. Instead of beautifully set tables in the gym, we will gather around beautiful tables in our own homes.  Register online to host or to attend at tea with 6-8 women. 

Because we will be in small groups, eating and drinking in homes, we are not asking you to remain socially distanced or wear a mask. You may certainly wear a mask if you are more comfortable with that. We recognize that the Advent Tea this year may not be something everyone will be comfortable participating in. We will make the Advent Tea Devotional available to anyone who wants to participate from the comfort of their own home.