We value the Word of God.

God and his Word drive all we do - knowing God is the who, what, and why of our ministry.  We teach the God of the Bible - the Keeper of Promises, the Rescuer of sinners, the Creator of the universe, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  We teach Scripture, knowing that the God who wrote it will give understanding to these children at just the right time and in just the right way.  And we teach God's Word because He first taught us, and has called us, His people, to teach the coming generations.

We value family.

The Gospel is given to our children primarily through parents in the context of family life and relationships.  As a church, we want to equip, support, and encourage parents through solid Sunday School classes for children and parents, shared resources for leading our children to know and love Jesus, and doing life alongside one another through worship, events, service, and friendship.  We work hard to communicate with families what children learn at church so growth can continue throughout the week in family life.

We value grace.

We want to show our kids the magnitude of God's grace, which is often made startlingly clear when dealing with the reality of human sin. Every story, conversation, activity and prayer is an opportunity to lead a child one step closer to life with Christ.  We love to lavish grace on our kids when they're in our care, and love even more pointing to Jesus and the grace he lavishes on us. 

We value the hearts of children.

It's not about the actions.  It's about the heart - the intentions, the belief, the focus of our desire.  As we teach the Bible, we're constantly mindful that only God can soften hearts and show these precious children who He is.  And so, as we plan, we pray.  As we serve, we pray.  And as we develop relationships with the children we encounter, we pray.

We value relationships within the Body.

The Body of Christ is strongest as we work together for God's glory.  Grace Kids is an opportunity for people within the church - children, parents, college students, youth, empty nesters, young professionals, and all who love the Lord - to cross paths with one another in ways that can have lasting effects.