Diapers and Potty Training

Our Infant, Ones, and Twos rooms are equipped for diaper changes.  (If your 3-year old is not quite there yet, please talk to Jenny Lichte or Kristin Huerter to determine the best class for your child.)  We have plenty of wipes and diapers, but if your child requires a special kind, please send labeled supplies and we'll keep them in a cubby for you.  If your child is potty training, please talk with their teacher when you bring your child.

Snacks and Other Food

Infants can be given bottles as needed, and Cheerios with parent permission.  We will not feed your child solid foods, though, as this could cause allergy problems for others in the room.

One year olds may have Cheerios or graham crackers at snack time.  We'll always have a cup of water for them, but please don't send milk as this can also cause problems for other children with allergies.

Children two years and older may have animal crackers, pretzels, graham crackers, goldfish, or other snacks.  We very rarely give them sweets (Easter Sunday is an exception!), and do our best to never give them peanut products.  But please be sure we're aware of any allergies, as we have other options for those who need it.

Sick Children

As you bring your children to join their peers, please keep these two truths in mind: we love your child, and we love our other children as well.  Though we miss our kiddos when they're not with us, we want to do all we can to protect germs from spreading between families.  If your child is displaying any of the following symptoms, come on back and borrow of a couple of toys and color pages, and participate in the worship service from the couches near the lobby TV.  

  • fever
  • conjunctivitis
  • vomiting or diarrhea
  • persistent coughing or sneezing
  • Hand-Foot-Mouth disease
  • rashes with open sores or in open areas
  • colored mucous
  • Strep throat

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