This summer there will be several opportunities to study the Bible or read a book and connect with other women. There is a Bible study option and two book options. Join one or more than one! 

Take note that you DO need to register for the Hosea study because we will order the book for you at a discounted price. The other studies do not require registration and you may purchase your book from your favorite retailer.


    • Sundays 9-10am - begins June 16th
    • Tuesdays 7-8pm - begins June 18th
    • Led by various leaders
    • Register and we will order your book

    This summer we will join other women in the PCA and study the book of Hosea. There is a study book and also teaching videos and podcasts for this study. We are asking you to do the study and watch or listen to the teaching and then come for a discussion hour with other women. 

    Filled with shocking language and uncomfortable spiritual realities, the Book of Hosea is unlike any other book in the Bible and yet is a summary of the whole of Scripture. It is the graphic story of our holy God’s deep love, relentless pursuit, and transformation of His faithless and sinful people. With plot twists expected in a romantic movie, God called the prophet Hosea to marry and love the unfaithful prostitute, Gomer, to live out the reality of God’s relationship with Israel.

    Register here for this study

  • TO BE A WOMAN by Katie J. McCoy

    The Confusion Over Female Identity and How Christians Can Respond

    • Wednesdays, 7pm-8pm, begins June 12th, at the church
    • Led by Debbie Rask and Brittany Loucks
    • Purchase your own book, no registration needed

    We live in a cultural moment where the definition of woman eludes the keenest of thinkers and brightest of scientists, where one's biological sex and one's gender are divorced, where the meaning of gender itself is a constantly moving target, and where girls and women, especially, struggle to know who they are. 

    This book helps Christians know how to think about and respond to this confusion. Specifically, what does the Bible say about this topic, common myths, the relationship between biological sex and gender, and how to respond in a Christlike way to those struggling. 

    Email Debbie with questions -


    by Dr Juli Slattery

    • Tuesdays 7-8pm - begins June 11th, at the Oread Center (912 Illinois St)
    • Led by Dea Burmingham and Jessie Flory
    • Purchase your own book, no registration needed

    This book study was so encouraging last summer that some women asked if we'd offer it again!

    Come and join this discussion if this area of your marriage is thriving, if you're struggling, if you have questions, if you'd like to be encouraged or offer encouragement to others.

    We will use this book as well as parts of other books to have a discussion about sexual intimacy in marriage. God, Sex, and Your Marriage challenges the common assumptions couples have about sexuality and presents the richer biblical narrative of sex as a metaphor of God’s covenant love. 

    Email Dea with questions -

We have four new connection groups. We hope these will be helpful to those of you looking for ways to connect with other women.


Last Tuesday of each month, 1:00 at the church (next one is May 28)

Feeling you need to connect with other women just to talk and play? Competitive or not, playing games and working on puzzles is a great way to get to know each other! Join us on the last Tuesday of each month 1-3 at the church in Room 3. All ages welcome.

Questions? Contact Amy Goertz or Colleen Geller


Thursdays at 9:00am

Walk and talk every Thursday morning during the break from Bible study. All ages welcome. We will try different spots each week. Email Ellen Marsh to let her know you are interested. You will receive an email each week letting you know where to meet. Come just once or come every week! Contact Ellen with questions or let her know you're interested.


Fridays at 1:00pm

This group for "mature ladies" (60 plus give or take) will meet in the cafe area at Dillons on 6th and Wakarusa. You can grab a drink from the Starbucks there or just bring your water bottle. There is no agenda except to get to know each other. And there are plenty of chairs so it will be easy to pull up extras. Questions? Contact Karen Vogler.


Wednesdays, beginning June 12th, 10:30-12:30 (begins after VBS). 

Come and visit with other moms while the little kids play. We can use the playground and the preschool classroom depending on weather. And bring a sack lunch if you'd like! Questions? Contact Abby Stipetich.