Welcome, Establish Quorum, Opening Prayer

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Events in 2021

Missions Report: Kristina Marburger

Pastor Transition Report: Todd Koch

Personnel Report: Larry Burmingham

Deacon Report: Ryan Randolph

Session Report: Scott Rask

Pastor’s Report: Bill Vogler

Prayer: Elders

Grace is a community of people who

individually and corporately glorify and enjoy God.


We worship God,

for He is of infinite worth;

We receive His gift of salvation in Christ,

for He is gracious and strong to save;

We confess our sins,

for it is against God that we have sinned,

and He alone is faithful and just to forgive;

We witness of His goodness and truth,

for He is worthy to be declared to all the nations;

We study His Word,

for He is the source of all knowledge, wisdom and grace; 

We pray to Him,

      for He is strong and compassionate, able and willing to help us;

We hope in Him,

for He is good and He is faithful to fulfill all of His promises;

We follow Him and obey Him,

for He is glorious, no one compares to Him;

We trust and depend on Him for all things,

for He is almighty and can do what is best,

He is all wise and knows what is best,

He loves us and will do what is best;

And we enjoy this life in Him, 

for nothing brings us more pleasure 

than showing God to be great and all sufficient.